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5 years of art school, 32 years as a graphic designer, and now making art...

Sept 2023 - NewNow 2023, Artists Archives of the Western Reserve juried show, Tri-C Eastern Campus gallery


Sept 2022 - NewNow 2022, Artists Archives of the Western Reserve juried show, Tri-C Eastern Campus gallery


August 2022 - ZECK/Zimmerer Edberg Currier Kleespies, Pyro Gallery, Louisville, KY


August 2022 - Heights Arts IMPAGINATION show


June 2022 - Heights Arts Member Show


Mar 2022 - AAWR Member Exhibition, Artists Archives of the Western Reserve    

Feb 2022 - 2021 Biennial Juried Exhibition spons. by  Ohio Arts Council; at Medici Museum in Warren Ohio

Oct 2021 - 2021 Biennial Juried Exhibition, Ohio Arts Council Riffe Gallery; jurors April Sunami, Jessimi Jones, and Kevin Lyles

Aug 2021 - Mouse House Party: Fill the Hole, Current Cleveland; A collective exhibit organized by Liz Maugans

Feb 2021 - NewNow 2021, Artists Archives of the Western Reserve digital exhibition; curated by Cat Sheridan, Director of the Riffe Gallery

Nov 2020 - The New Masters II, Ursuline College Wasmer Gallery


Nov 2020 - Heights Arts gallery


April 2020 - Self Portraits: Artists Respond to COVID-19, Florence O’Donnell Wasmer Virtual Gallery, Ursuline College, curated by Anna Arnold, gallery director


March 2020 - Heights Arts members show

Dec 2019 - Heights Arts Holiday Sale, Cleve. Hts


August 2019 - ZECK/Zimmerer Edberg Currier Kleespies; Pyro Gallery, Louisville, KY


June 2019 - Summer MashUp; Wasmer Gallery at Ursuline College; curated by Anna Arnold


March 2019 - Sideways Thinking; 6 person show curated by me; Heights Arts gallery, Cleveland Hts


Jan 2019 - Repetitions + Inventions: Bachtell, Butler, Edberg, Tucker; Beachwood Community Center gallery

Sept 2018 - NewNow 2018; Juried by Steven Matijcio; Tri-C's Gallery East, sponsored by Artists Archives of the Western Reserve

Jun/July 2018 - Waterloo Arts Juried Exhibition


April 2018 - Heights Arts members show


March 2018 - Alumni exhibition; Juried by Bill Busta, Liz Maugans, Stephen Yusko, Cleveland Institute of Art

Feb. 2018 - The New Masters: Women Artists of Northeast Ohio; Juried by Mary Gray, Nikki Woods, Alenka Banco; Ursuline College

Sept 2017 - In the Details, Textile invitational curated by Mary Urbas, Artists Archives of the Western Reserve

May 2017 - Self Portrait in The Artist’s Trust project at MOCA Cleveland, organized by Liz Maughans

March 2017 - Honorable Mention, Barbara Luton Juried Art Competition, Shaker Heights Public Library

Dec. 2016 - Collages and Drawings, CHUH library gallery, Lee Rd

Nov., Dec. 2016 - Heights Arts holiday show

Sept. 2016 - New Now 2016; Juried by Michael J. Beam; Tri-C’s Gallery East, sponsored by Artists Archives of the Western Reserve

July 2016 - Window display of hanging sculptures, Appletree Books, Cleveland Heights, OH

April 2016 - April Fools; Three person show at Beachwood Library; Edberg/Currier/Butler

May 2015 - The Sum of Its Parts; Howson Gallery, Judson Park

April 2015 - [re]define; Juried by Bill Busta, Liz Maughans; Morgan Conservatory

March 2015 - Artist of the Month; HeightsArts

Dec. 2014 - Frozen in Time; Good Goat Gallery

Nov./Dec. 2014 - Holiday Show HeightsArts

Oct. 2014 - Touch Me; Good Goat Gallery

Oct. 2014 - Annual Benefit Auction; Morgan Conservatory

June 2014 - Transformation; Best of Show award; Juried by Karen Beckwith, Denise Stewart; Morgan Conservatory

August 2013 - Rags Make Paper; Juried by Bruce Checefsky, Robert Thurmer; Morgan Conservatory

June 2013 - Life is a Circus Good Goat Gallery

Sept. - Nov., 2012 - Artists Books, Altered Books, Assemblage Art Lakeland Community College

May 2010 - May Show Lakeland Community College

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